Texas Hot Air Balloon Festival Sept. 3 –  Sept. 5 Labor Day Weekend

The Pie Capital of Texas ™


5-6pm DJ CUE

6-7:30pm Django Walker

7:30pm Pie Eating Contest

7:45pm-8:30pm Hot Air Balloon Glow Show

8:30-10pm Sloppy Joe

Fireworks conclude event



6:30am-7:30am Mass Hot Air Balloon Ascension

10:00am – Pie Eating Contest

10:15am – Gathering of Kyle’s 

10:30am-12pm Broken Arrow Band 

****Event closes from noon to 5pm****

5-6pm DJ CUE

6-7:30pm LC Rocks

7:30pm Pie Eating Contest

7:45pm -8:30pm Hot Air Balloon Glow Show 

8:30-10pm Kyle Park

Fireworks conclude event 


6:30-7:30am Mass Hot Air Balloon Ascension

7am-10am DJ CUE

10am- Pie Baking Contest (at Pie Café)

Event ends at 10:30am



Hot Air Balloon Festival


The Pie in the Sky Hot Air Balloon Festival and Pie Eating contest in Kyle, Texas happens every year on Labor Day Weekend. Austin, Texas is the closest big city, located about 20-minutes north of Kyle. If you’re looking for tickets, click the image below.

The City of Kyle – Pie Capital of the World has put on this festival every Labor Day Weekend. This will be the fifth year of the celebration. Bring the family and enjoy all the activities. From Fireworks to Food, in Kyle, Texas Only!

Located at Lake Kyle Park, on the East side of I-35, there is ample room for balloons and guests. There’s also a large, metal pavilion for seating and shade. If you have someone in your group who doesn’t like hot air balloon festivals, invite them to the Pie eating contest. Who doesn’t love eating pie? With that said, there’s plenty to do for everyone in the family.

Location and Parking


There is no parking located at the festival grounds. Free parking off-site and shuttles will be provided.

Free parking and shuttle buses will run continuously throughout the festival from the following locations:

          • Tobias Elementry – 1005 E, Ranch to Market Rd 150

          • Lehman High School – 1700 Lehman Rd

          • Seton Medical Professional Offices – 1180 Seton Pkwy

This Hot Air Balloon Festival is a visually pleasing, family-friendly event on Labor Day Weekend. If it’s your first time or a bit nervous, we also have tethered rides. You can go up in the balloon while being tied to the ground. Great for pics, kids, and newcomers. Tickets for Hot Air Balloon tethered rides are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have wheelchair-accessible balloons. Click the tethered rides page for more details.